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Synonym and Antonym list-1

AWKWARD Synonyms: clumsy, ungainly, ponderous, rough Antonyms: clever, dexterous, apt, skillful APARENT Synonyms: evident, obvious, perceptible, distinct Antonyms: masked, obscure, indistinct, doubtful ALLURE Synonyms: entice, fascinate, tempt, seduce Antonyms: repulse, repel, deter, distaste ABORTIVE Synonyms: vain, useless, fruitless, unproductive Antonyms:

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Synonym and Antonym list-2

AVERSION Synonyms: dislike, hatred, indifferent, apathy Antonyms: affection, fondness, niceness, kindness AUTHENTIC Synonyms: genuine, reliable, valid, guaranteed Antonyms: fictitious, counterfeit, unreal, false AUDACITY Synonyms: boldness, arrogance, insolence, haughtiness Antonyms: mildness, humility, cowardice, submission ASTUTE Synonyms: clever, intelligent, wise, brilliant Antonyms:

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Synonym and Antonym list-3

AFFRONT Synonyms: provoke, exasperate, indignity, irreverence Antonyms: conciliate, appease, mollify, assuage ADVERSITY Synonyms: misfortune, calamity, misery, affliction Antonyms: prosperity, fortune, assistance, favour ANTIQUE Synonyms: ancient, old fashioned, primitive, of past Antonyms: modern, recent, novelty, vogue ANTIPATHY Synonyms: hostility, aversion, disillusion,

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Synonym and Antonym list-4

ACCOMPLISH Synonyms: attain, succeed, triumph, exploit Antonyms: forsake, deter, disappoint, collapse ABSOLVE Synonyms: pardon, forgive, reprieve, relent Antonyms: compel, accuse, charge, blind ACRIMONY Synonyms: harshness, bitterness, inhumanity, enmity Antonyms: sweetness, courtesy, humanity, benevolence ACCUMULATION Synonyms: store, amass, preservation, conservation Antonyms:

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Synonym and Antonym list-5

BRITTLE Synonyms: frail, fragile, delicate, breakable Antonyms: tough, enduring, unbreakable, strong BLEMISH Synonyms: fault, smirch, stigma, stain Antonyms: purity, impeccable, spotless, stainless BLEAK Synonyms: dismal, gloomy, chilly, dreary Antonyms: bright, pleasant, balmy, cheerful BLAME Synonyms: reprove, upbraid, censure, reproach Antonyms:

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Synonym and Antonym list-6

CORPULENT Synonyms: obese, ugly, fat, awkward Antonyms: thin, lean, slim, delicate CONVERT Synonyms: change, transform, transmute, proselytise Antonyms: persist, maintain, enduring, perpetual CONVENIENT Synonyms: handy, suited, comfortable, advantageous Antonyms: unsuitable, tedious, unpractical, fatiguing CONTRARY Synonyms: dissimilar, conflicting, contradictory, opposite Antonyms:

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