Classes Schedule

Here is schedule of CSS, PMS & One-Paper Classes for Live Zoom and On-Campus sessions.

CSS, PMS Compulsory Subjects Schedule

1English EssaySir Annas Bhatti07:00pm to 08:30pmMon to Thu2 Months
2Precis & CompositionSir Ghulam Hussain07:30pm to 09:00pmMon to Wed6 Weeks
3General Science & AbilitySir Mian Shafiq, Sir Sabir Hussain07:30pm to 10:30pm Mon to Sat1 Month
4Pakistan AffairsSir Waqas Iqbal05:30pm to 07:00pmMon to Wed1 Month
5Current AffairsSir Waqas Iqbal05:30pm to 07:00pmThurs to Sat1 Month

CSS, PMS Optional Subjects Schedule

1Political ScienceSir Nadeem Sherazi04:00pm to 05:30pmMon to Fri7 Weeks
2Environmental ScienceMiss Tayyaba Hafeez04:00pm to 05:30pmMon to Wed1 Month
3PhilosophySir Amjad Rouf09:30pm to 11:00pmMon to Fri5-6 Weeks
4Basic EnglishSir Ghulam Hussain07:30pm to 09:00pmThu to Sat7-8 Weeks
5Public AdministrationSir Anas Bhatti8:30pm to 10:00pmMon-Thu1 Month
6History of USASir Umer Hayat7:30pm to 9:00pmMon to Wed2 Month

General Knowledge (GK) Schedule

1General Knowledge (Morning)Sir Tanvir Ranjha09:00am to 11:00amMon to Sat10 Weeks
2General Knowledge (Evening)Sir Tanvir Ranjha04:30pm to 06:00pmMon to Sat10 Weeks
6English for One-Paper General KnowledgeSir Naeem Akhter06:00pm to 07:30pmMon to Sat2 Weeks
7Everyday Science for One-Paper General KnowledgeSir Waqas07:30pm to 9:00pmMon to Sat3-4 Weeks

Lectureship Classes Schedule

Coming Soon...

1EnglishSir Imran Anwar07:00pm to 08:30pmMon to Wed8 WeeksB-4Open
2MathematicsSir Abdullah Sultan09:00pm to 10:30pmMon to Sat8 WeeksB-1Open
3ZoologySir Umair Latif05:00pm to 06:30pmMon to Wed8 WeeksB-1Open
4Political ScienceSir Saleem Akhtar07:00pm to 08:30pmMon to Wed8 WeeksB-1Open
5Computer ScienceSir Hafiz Ahmed Shehzad05:00pm to 06:30pmThurs to Sat8 WeeksB-1Open
6CommerceSir Zahid Imran08:30pm to 10:00pmThurs to Sat8 WeeksB-1Open
7PersianSir Baber Naseem03:00pm to 04:30pm
02:00pm to 03:30pm
8 WeeksB-1Open
8GeographySir Abdul Ghaffar05:00pm to 06:30pmThurs to Sat8 WeeksB-1Open
9BotanySir Zia-ur Rehman05:00pm to 06:30pmMon to Wed8 WeeksB-1Open
10General KnowledgeSir Shafeek Dogar07:00pm to 08:30pmThurs to Sat4 WeeksB-1Open