The courses we are offering

Here is the list of courses we are offer at Study River institute.

CSS, PMS Courses

All Compulsory Subjects

List of CSS Optional Subject we offer at Study River:

  1. Accounting and Auditing
  2. Business Administration
  3. Constitutional Law
  4. Criminology
  5. Economics
  6. Environmental Science
  7. European History
  8. Gender Studies
  9. International Law
  10. International Relations
  11. Mass Communication
  12. Philosophy
  13. Physics
  14. Political Science
  15. Public Administration
  16. Punjabi
  17. Sociology
  18. US History

All PMS Compulsory Subjects

List of PMS Optional Subject we offer at Study River:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Geography
  3. Mass Communications
  4. Philosophy
  5. Political Science
  6. Public Administration
  7. Punjabi
  8. Social Work
  9. Sociology

One-Paper General Knowledge Courses

Study River offers complete preparation of sub-inspector Punjab Police jobs preparation in supervision of subject specialists.

Study River offers preparation of Lecturer English (BS-17) Punjab jobs preparation under the supervision of Professors of Higher Education Department.