Waqas Iqbal


Subjects: International Relations (IR), Pak Affairs, Current Affairs

Waqas Iqbal is among the leading Lahore based renowned CSS mentors. He has 7 years of teaching experience in Current Affairs, Pak-Affairs. He is a prolific subject specialist of International Relations (l R).

He earned his Master’s Degree in IR from the University of Balochistan, Quetta and started his career from Lahore in Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) magazine as Senior Correspondent. There he interviewed more than 100 CSS qualifiers including CSS and PMS toppers. Besides, he also conducted interviews of 77 eminent personalities across Pakistan including both serving and retired Chief Ministers, Governors, Ambassadors and Civil Servants. Furthermore, he also taught IR, Current and Pak-Affairs at World Times Institute, Lahore. One can see his work at JWT.

In 201 5, he founded his own institute i.e. International Relations Academy, Lahore. As a founding director of the Academy, he has effectively mentored aspirants for superior civil services in Pakistan. Apart from teaching, Mr. Waqas writes opinion articles and research papers because of his keen interest in Pakistan’s internal and external geo-strategic landscape. His focus ranges from international security to foreign policy in the context of current regional and global political scenarios. He is passionate about peace through dialogue and empowerment of youth. His articles have open access:

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  4. Article in Daily Times

Mr. Waqas is regularly invited in youth summits as distinguished guest speaker in Pakistan and China. Being a multitask-er currently he is working as Associate Editor of Pakistan’s first foreign and strategic affairs magazine i.e. Pakistan Politico.

Lately, he is a visiting faculty member in the School of Integrated Social Sciences (SISS) at the University of Lahore. He is ‘Project Head’ at Study River as well, the leading institution of online coaching in Pakistan.

Waqas Iqbal CSS