Tayyaba Hafeez

  • Subject Specialist
  • Researcher
  • MPhil Scholar
  • Climatologist
  • Online / Virtual tutor
Subjects: Environmental Sciences

Tayyaba Hafeez is a passionate young Climatologist holding Master Degree in Climate Change from University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), Pakistan. She has been nominated as Silver Medalist in MPhil Climate Change. To take a deeper dive into the practical knowledge, she joined Ayoub Agriculture Research Institute (AARI), Faisalabad, Pakistan as an intern.

She had been an active member of Peace and Education Foundation (PEF), Islamabad, Pakistan as a field coordinator in different projects for two years. As an active project coordinated, she raised her voice to create awareness about the climate change at community level.

To cope up with the digital literacy era, she created her digital presence at social media platforms. Since one year, she is offering online tutoring services for Environmental sciences as an optional subject in CSS exam and has successfully completed her first regular online batch.

She is also delivering online lectures through her YouTube and Instagram channel and provides guidelines and motivation to the CSS aspirants. Her command on the subject and dedicated approach towards teaching makes her truly an inspiration for the students.

Tayyaba Hafeez