Islamic Studies Video Course by Prof. Hafiz Arshad Iqbal Chadhar


Get this comprehensive LMS video course for Rs.1500 with 30 days of access till 15 May 2022.


Comprehensive video lectures as per FPSC, PPSC syllabus & pattern. The topics in this video course are as follows:

  1. Concept of Islam
  2. Islam and Other Religions
  3. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) as Peacemaker
  4. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) as Military Strategist
  5. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a role model for Diplomats
  6. Women in Islam
  7. Human Rights in Islam
  8. Islamic Culture & Civilization
  9. Contemporary Challenges to Islam
  10. Public Administration in Islam
  11. Responsibilities of Civil Servants
  12. Islamic Concept of Jihad
  13. Islamic Economic System
  14. Political System of Islam
  15. Ijtehad and Ijmah