PPSC Computer MCQs

Practice here different sets of Computer MCQs for the preparation of all PPSC Jobs

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Original Sub-Inspector 2022 Computer MCQs

Original Tehsildar Paper 2021 Computer MCQs

Computer Awareness (Quiz 1)

Computer Awareness (Quiz 2)

Computer Awareness (Quiz 3)

Computer Security

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel (Quiz 1)

Microsoft Excel (Quiz 2)

Microsoft Excel (Quiz 3)

Microsoft PowerPoint (Quiz 1)

Microsoft PowerPoint (Quiz 2)

Microsoft Access (Quiz 1)

Microsoft Access (Quiz 2)

Operating System(Quiz 1)

Operating System(Quiz 2)

Operating System(Quiz 3)

Operating System(Quiz 4)

Software Engineering (Quiz 1)

Software Engineering (Quiz 2)

Software Engineering (Quiz 3)

Software Engineering (Quiz 4)

Data Structure & Algorithms

Data Mining And Data Warehouse (Quiz 1)

Data Mining And Data Warehouse (Quiz 2)

Electronic Data Processing

Parallel Computing

Window Programming