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    Mian Shafiq

    General Science and ability is a compulsory subject in CSS and high scoring as well. After te introduction of MCQs base preliminary Test, this subject has gained further importance. Students can post their questions in this thread and I will try to answer them. This will be easy for me as well to answer as most of the questions are same, and students will also learn from the questions of other students as well.

    Sohail Hassan

    Hi Sir,
    Thank you creating such an important platform for the valuable guide and information about General science and ability. I hope css/pms aspirant will benefit from it tremendously.

    Imran Ahmed

    The way sir Mian sb teach is just marvelous! Indeed, it is a golden opportunity to secure maximum marks in this subject if your instructor is sir Mian Shafique. To be honest, I never saw a CSP/subject specialist as humble and kind as Sir Shafique is. There is no need to worry about syllabus;you get extra knowledge than syllabus through various assignments. It is surely a great experience to remain in touch with him. InshAllah, I will remain in touch with you sir throughout and afterwards of my CSS journey. May God bless you❤️


    AoA Sir. Do you plan to offer a course on mental ability part?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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