The River Institute offers comprehensive preparation for CSS and PMS, including both Compulsory and Optional subjects. We also provide intensive One-Paper preparation for FPSC and PPSC, featuring 100 marks of multiple choice questions. In addition to regular preparation, we excel in providing mock exams and interview coaching.

Join us for CSS, PMS, One-Paper,
Mock Assessments & Mock Interviews

Study River CSS

CSS, PMS Preparation

A comprehensive preparation plan and marks-achieving strategy for all compulsory and optional subjects in supervision of CSP officers and subject specialist mentors.

One-Paper Preparation

A thorough study plan and strategy for obtaining high marks in all areas of the One-Paper General Knowledge exam, including History, World Geography, English, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, General Ability, Everyday Science, and Computer. These subjects are taught by experts in each specific field.

One-Paper Preparation by Study River